Register Now for Regional Discussion Sessions / Nominate your Delegate(s)

There is less than 3 weeks before the BWF virtual Annual General Meeting 2021. This will take place at 1900 KL time (1300 CEST), on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Please find enclosed important information on the regional video sessions. Please make sure your delegate registers for one of these to get more information, ask questions and discuss the proposals.

If you have not nominated your delegate – please do this as soon as possible – see linked here.

All AGM information is published on the AGM pages (linked here).

1. Get Ready for the AGM – Discussion Sessions – Register Now !

There are 4 sessions to help you / your delegate prepare for the AGM. Each of the sessions have the same content. You can however register for more than one if you want.

  • Tuesday 11 May 2021 – 1500 KL Time / 0900 CEST – English
  • Wednesday 12 May 2021 – 1800 KL Time / 1200 CEST – French
  • Monday 17 May 2021 – 1900 KL Time / 1300 CEST – English
  • Tuesday 18 May 2021 – 2200 KL Time / 1600 CEST / Lima Time – 0900am – Spanish


In the session, you will have a chance to ask questions, get answers and discuss the proposals. The main topics of each session will be:

  1. Agenda – for the meeting
  2. Proposals – Council / Members’ proposals – Laws of Badminton, Scoring System, Terms of Council members, BWF Official Language, Associate Member Criteria.
  3. Elections – and how the gender and regional representation criteria applies.


You must register for the session to get the invitation –

2. Get Ready for the virtual AGM 2021

  • Read the Agenda – proposals / voting rounds
  • Look at the proposals on the agenda – amendments to the Laws / New Scoring System – 5 Games to 11 / amendments to the constitution – Officials Language / Term of Council / Associate Members.
  • Decide on your delegate (s). Complete the Delegates Nomination Form – send to [email protected]
  • Make sure your delegate(s) attend the regional video conferences / discussions – 11 – 18 May 2021.
  • Review the profiles of candidates for Council elections.
  • Decide how your delegate will vote for each proposal and for the elections to Council.

3. Chairs Video Reports – 12 Video Reports

Please remember to view the 12 Chairs Video Reports (linked here) in preparation for the virtual AGM 2021. The Chairs Reports are a brief summary of each Committee and Commission report in the BWF Annual Report 2020 (linked here). This is part of Agenda Item 5 – Council Report (linked here).

4. AGM Information

Please note that all the information for the AGM 2021 will be posted on the BWF corporate website AGM page (linked here) as these become available.