Schedule A Update

Please be advised that the deadline to submit the completed Schedule A is Wednesday 30 September 2020

Schedule A’s Received to Date

Thank you to those Members below who have already submitted the Schedule A so far for the year 2020.

Schedule A Requirement

Each year Members must complete this and send back to the BWF. This is a requirement under the BWF constitution.

Clause 7.23 of the BWF constitution states the following:

Schedule A – means the form submitted to the Secretary General by Members annually which contains such information required for purposes of administration and publication including but not limited to the names, addresses and contact information of its principal officers, the number of member clubs / associations, the total number of registered players affiliated to the Member and a declaration that the provisions of Criteria for Membership (Clause 8) continue to be met.

Please find attached the Schedule A for 2020. Complete this before midnight 30 September 2020 and send to Patricia Wong [email protected]