BWF Memo – Key Decisions – BWF AGM 2020 / Ethics Regulations in Force 19 July

Please find below and linked, key information from the BWF virtual AGM 2020 held on Saturday 18 July at 1900 KL time, together with information on revised Ethics Regulations approved by Council in February, which came into force on 19 July 2020.

  1. Decisions of the BWF virtual AGM 2020
  2. Record of Voting – 13 Proposals / Results by Attendee
  3. Your feedback on the AGM
  4. AGM Video / Photo Gallery
  5. Ethics Regulations – effect date – 19 July 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the BWF virtual AGM 2020. This was a historical event and we very much appreciated that some delegates had to stay up very late Saturday night and others got up very early to participate in the AGM.

As the BWF President said at the start of the meeting, it was midnight for delegates in Samoa and Tonga, 0500 (5:00AM) Saturday morning in Guatemala, Cost Rica and some other locations in Central America – and there were delegates in every time zone in between. So thank you again for your participation in this years AGM – there was a really good attendance.

  1. Decisions of the AGM 2020

The AGM approved all 13 proposals on the AGM Agenda (linked here). Please see the Voting Record attached – which gives the summary of the statistics from the open ballots (the first four proposals) and the results from each proposal. There is also summary of all the decisions and percentages for and against.

The decisions of the AGM are as follows:

Open Ballots

  • Scrutineers – Ratified the scrutineers as proposed.
  • Virtual AGM – Ratified the decision by Council to hold the Virtual AGM 2020.
  • Minutes – Approved the minutes of the last meeting.
  • Accounts – Adopted the Audited Financial Statements for year ending 31 Dec 2019.


Closed Ballots

The AGM passed all seven (7) Council proposals related to amendments of the BWF Constitution (see Annexure D of the AGM papers).

These Council proposals relate to five topic areas and were voted on as seven separate ballots or voting sessions at the AGM:

  • Voting Strength Criteria – (removal of Sudirman Cup from the voting strength criteria on participating in international tournaments).
  • Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission Chair – represented on Council


Term limits for the President – a maximum of 4 terms

Election Protocols – secret ballot for elections / election by acclimation if only one candidate.

  • Judicial Provisions
  • Council Geographical and Gender Representation – new Appendix I of the BWF constitution.
  • Vetting of Officials – new Appendix II of the BWF constitution.

The AGM also passed the following:

  • Subscription Unit – Approved the unit of subscription for 2021 as USD$200.
  • Auditor – Approved to maintain the services of BDO PLT as the BWF auditors for 2020.

  1. Record of Voting

Please see the Voting Record – which gives the summary pf the statistics from the open ballots (the first four proposals) and the results from each proposal.

Please also see the Voting Record – Proposals 1 – 4. This shows how each Voting Delegates voted for each of the open ballots for the first four proposals.

  1. Video of the Virtual AGM / Photo Gallery

BWF has uploaded the full video of the BWF virtual AGM 2020 (linked here).

This is a recording of the webcast. It has been uploaded so that Members who were not able to attend the virtual AGM can view the meeting (2 hours / 24 minutes).

We have also published a photo gallery of the  virtual AGM set up (linked here).

BWF contracted two technology companies to manage the webcast, the interpretation and the online voting system. The hotel in Copenhagen where the AGM took place had eight staff from these companies providing the technical set up for the webcast and online voting system. BWF also had the meeting broadcast in four other languages – French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

  1. Ethics Regulations – Effective date – 19 July 2020

At its meeting in February, the BWF Council approved a number of Ethics Regulations that would come into effect the day after the AGM 2020.

Amendments to the regulations listed below have an effective date of 19 July 2020.

Section 1.2.7Complaint Procedures

Section 2 – Ethics / Integrity Regulations

Section 2.1Badminton Code of Ethics

Section 2.2 – Seven Codes of Conduct

Section 2.2.1.       Candidates for Election Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.2.       Elected Officials Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.3.       Bidding Organisations Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.4.       Players Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.5.       Technical Officials Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.6.       Coaches and Educators Code of Conduct 
Section 2.2.7.       Classifiers Code of Conduct 

Section 2.4 Code of Conduct on the Prevention of the Manipulations of Competitions (this replaces the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results).

Section 3.1 Judicial Procedures

The track-change’ versions of these documents can be viewed from the BWF website – Statutes page (linked here) – see  the “Download” icon at the top right of the page.


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