Athlete Wellbeing and Tokyo 2020 Top Priority for Commission

The BWF Para Badminton Commission met in Dubai on 5 and 6 April to address issues of ensuring athlete wellbeing as well as managing tournament organising costs.

Currently, there is only one level of competition for all athletes, but given the rise in the number of entries in all classes, there is the suggestion of having different levels of tournaments to allow the BWF to separate the developing athletes from the elite players.

This could also mean cutting down on the number of days and number of matches being played, thereby reducing the possibility of fatigue and injury.

“At tournaments now, some athletes are playing up to five matches a day because they play in several categories and combined class doubles. We need to protect the athletes so they can perform at their best throughout their career,” said BWF Vice President – Para-Badminton, Paul Kurzo.


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