Hearing Panel Decisions

The BWF wishes to advise that two recent decisions of the Doping Hearing Panel have been published on the BWF website (linked here). The BWF is required to publically disclosed this under its Anti-Doping Regulations 2015.

Both of these cases involved an “Adverse Analytical Finding” (a positive result) from samples collected in-competition – one at the Sky New Zealand Open 2016 and the other at a multi-sport games – the 2016 ASEAN Para-Games in Singapore.


 – Athlete – Ms Rong SCHAFER (USA)

 – Adverse Finding – Prohibited Substance – Terbutaline – a Class S3. B2-Agonists

 – Rule Violation – Article 2.1.1 of the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations (2015)

 – Ineligibility Period – 1 year – until 24 March 2017


AthleteMs Sudsaifon YODPA (THA)

Adverse Finding – Prohibited Substance – Sibutramine – a Class S6. Stimulant

Rule ViolationArticle 2.1.3 of the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations (2015)

Ineligibility Period – 2 years – until 7 December 2017


Anti-Doping Education

BWF continues to remind the membership that education is extremely important in anti-doping. Players must understand the regulations and their responsibility under the rules and the consequences if they break the rules.

BWF reminds everyone of a few key basic facts about testing in anti-doping:

  1. Testing – Athletes can be tested anywhere, any time.
  2. Urine / Blood – Doping Control Officers working in badminton collect urine and blood samples for analysis.
  3. Responsibility – Athletes are responsible for everything they take, ingest or use.
  4. Medications – Some medications contain Prohibited Substances.
  5. TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE). If an athletes’ doctor needs to prescribe a medication that contains a Prohibited Substances because of a health related issue, the athlete must apply to use this substance using a TUE form and process (linked here)
  6. Prohibited Substances List 2016 – (linked here)
  7. Prohibited Substances List 2017 – WADA has released this list for 2017 –  2017 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods and 2017 Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes
  8. Rules – know the rules / follow the rules (linked here)

See the BWF website for more information on anti-doping / anti-match fixing programmes (linked here).

We also recommend that you contact your National Anti-Doping Agency who will be able to assist in anti-doping education.

Please contact Andy-Hines Randle, Head of Integrity [email protected]  if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.