Notices and Reminders – August


Notices and Reminders – August

The following are notices and reminders for the BWF membership.

1. Schedule A Submission – Deadline 30 September 2016

Each year, members must complete a Schedule A (see downloads – linked here).  Members must complete this, sign, scan and email back to Patricia – [email protected] no later than 30 September.

The BWF constitution states:

7.19     Member in Good Standing means a Member who does not have any subscriptions due (Clause 26), is not under suspension (Clauses 13.5 –13.10) and who has submitted a completed Schedule A to the Federation for the current year (Clause13.1).


   13.1      Every Member shall submit to the Secretary General not later than 30 September in each calendar year a completed Schedule A which includes the number of its registered players as at a date within the  preceding three (3) months.

 Council shall have the right by 31 October in the same year to refuse to accept such declarations representing the number of registered players and also, if no Schedule A has been received, to assess the figures on such information as shall be available. A Member shall have the right to object to Council against such assessment within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the notice of Council’s decision. The onus of proof shall lie with the Member concerned.


2.  Call for Nominations – deadline 31 October 2016.

Please see the BWF website (linked here) for the award regulations, kinds of awards and who can nominate people and organisations and the nomination forms.  The awards are:

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Hall Of Fame
  3. Herbert Scheele Trophy
  4. Distinguished Service Award
  5. Meritorious Service Award
  6. Certificate of Commendation
  7. Annual Players Award (since 2008)
  • Male and Female Badminton Player of the Year
  • Male and Female Para-Badminton Player of the Year
  • Eddie Choong Most Promising Player of the Year
  1. Women in Badminton Award
  2. President’s Medal

 The deadline for nominations for BWF Awards for this years 31 October 2016.

 Please send the nominations to Patricia Wong – [email protected]


3.  Olympic Badminton Website

This is a reminder that the BWF Olympic Badminton website has all the news, results and photos from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – visit


4.  Office Closure

The BWF office will be closed on 31 August 2016 due to a national holiday in Malaysia to celebrate Medeka Day – the 58th Independence Day for Malaysia.