ShuttleWorld 13 Available

The 13th edition of SHUTTLE WORLD – BWF’s quarterly e-news magazine – is now available on the BWF website.

Articles include:

  1. More Intelligent Anti-Doping Testing
  2. 2nd Turkish Para-Badminton International
  3. Ten years of Service – BWF staff honoured
  4. Whiff of Exciting Possibilities – TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2016
  5. Administrator Awards 2015 – Andrew Ryan gets Top Honour
  6. 100th Shuttle Time Implementation in Panama
  7. Høyer – Embrace Show-Biz – Badminton as Entertainment


We hope that you enjoy reading this edition.

Please contact Gayle Alleyne, Communications Manager if you have any comments or questions about SHUTTLE WORLD   – [email protected]