Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Available

At its meeting in late October 2015, the BWF Council approved the BWF Strategic Plan 2016 -2020.

The Strategic Plan is now available on the BWF website and the plan will be presented at the up-coming Members Forum in Kunshan, China on Friday 20 May 2016.

More details on the plan are available on the About BWF pages. The plan covers the following areas.

 – Vision, mission and values
 – Strategic Focuses – Overview

  • Entertainment
  • Participation
  • Partnerships
  • Capacity

– Athletes
– at the centre of the plan
 – Key Result Areas (KRAs) – Core Activities
 – Key Result Areas (KRAs) – Functional Areas

Strategic Focuses

There are 4 key Strategic Focuses that are at the heart of BWF’s work. The first two – Entertainment and Participation – are core business for BWF. The other two – Capacity and Partnerships are ‘enablers’ that support the achievement of all strategic goals.


– To excite, engage and enhance our global badminton fan base.


– To give every child a chance to play for life.


– To engage with key partners to achieve shared goals and to strengthen BWF’s status as a responsible and proactive institution.


– To strengthen and enable organisational capacity of the BWF, Continental Confederations and members to support strategic implementation.