AGM Travel Grant

The BWF has updated the 2016 AGM page of the website with all the following information:

  • Participation in the AGM
  • Key Dates
  • Forms to download and complete
  • Travel rant (see below)
  • Official Hotel
  • Accommodation / Transport
  • Visa Assistance
  • Delegate No Nomination Form (download)


Travel Grant 2016 for AGM Delegates

A travel grant is provided to assist each eligible Member with the travel costs for one (1) delegate to attend the 2016 AGM. To be eligible to receive the travel grant for the 2016 AGM, the Member must have submitted its 2015 Schedule A no later than 31 January 2016.  See the AGM 2016 page to download the travel grant subsidy each eligible Member will receive.

The same principles apply as last year. These are:

  1. The travel grant is calculated to equal a reasonable and realistic travel cost. It must however be noted that flight ticket prices vary significantly depending on when and where these are booked, the class of travel and the airline. Currency rates may also influence final pricing.
  2. The grant may therefore not fully cover all delegates travel costs but will be a very substantial contribution for the Member on the actual costs incurred.  It is intended to be an approximation to the full cost of travel rather than an exact calculation on actual costs of travel.
  3. The following Council approved guidelines apply:
  4. Only Members who submitted their 2015 Schedule A by 31 January 2016 are eligible to receive the travel grant (see our Memo of 6 and 22 January 2016).
  5. Each Member whose delegate attends the AGM and Forum, shall receive a travel grant to assist in covering the costs of travel to the AGM.
  6. The travel grant is calculated using the location of the Member’s registered office and the international airport closest to the AGM location.
  7. Economy class air fares from 3 sources have been used to calculate the amount the Member receives – this is a one-off fixed amount. Quotations were completed in the week beginning 1 February 2016.
  8. The grant will be paid after the AGM on proof of attendance at the AGM / Forum. Please also note up to 3 nights accommodation will be reimbursed for one delegate per Member for delegates who attend the AGM / Forum. Members are responsible to pay the accommodation in advance to the host hotel by 30 April 2016.
  9. The grant is paid to the Members account, unless there are special circumstances which make it impossible for electronic bank transfer to take place.


BWF strongly recommends that Members book early to take advantage of lower airfares.

See the 2016 AGM page for all the details of the AGM and to download document.