EGM Video Material

The BWF is hosting its EGM on Saturday 30 January at 1900 KL time. Below you can find all the video material from the Members webinar and the regional video conferences that are being held 20 – 27 January. These sessions are part of the integrated EGM process and an opportunity to engage the membership.

See the EGM page of the website for all other material on the EGM – Notice of the EGM, Agenda, Meeting Papers.

Delegates Webinar – Get Ready for the EGM

Thank you to all the EGM Delegates who attended the webinar.

This webinar was about getting ready for the EGM. It covered four areas:

  1. How to login / test / use your device.
  2. How to view the meeting / ask questions.
  3. How to vote / results of voting.
  4. What to do if you have problems.


If you missed this, you can watch the 30 minute video and look at the presentation.

Members Webinar – Steps Towards the EGM

A total of 125 participants from 75 Members participated in the Members webinar 18 January, This was the first step in the process towards the EGM. The webinar covered these two topics:

  1. Getting back to badminton in 2021
  2. Steps towards the virtual EGM on 30 January 2021


Six regional video conferences in English, French and Spanish is the next stage of the engagement with Members. The videos will be uploaded below after each session.