Notices / Year End Reminders

  1. BWF Websites – Maintenance / Downtime Today for One Hour Today

Please be advised that for an hour this evening KL time (1800 – 1900) there will be some maintenance being completed on all the BWF websites / extranet. A notice stating “Temporarily under maintenance” will be displayed for those trying to use the websites for that period.

  1. Subscription 2023 – Invoices Sent in November

The invoices for BWF Subscriptions 2023 were sent out to each Member Association in late November. These are due no later than midnight KL time on Monday 31 January 2023.

  1. WADA’s Prohibited List 2023 Published

The WADA Prohibited List and Methods 2023 has been published and is available on the BWF website (linked here). This will come into force on 1 January 2023.

The Prohibited List is updated every year and it comes into effect on 1 January each year. This list details the substances and methods which are prohibited for athletes. Substances and methods are classified by categories in the list, for example – steroids, stimulants, masking agents.

Some substances and methods are prohibited in-competition, and others are prohibited at all times, both in-competition and out-of-competition. Some substances are prohibited for particular sports.

Athletes are responsible for everything they eat, drink and take. This is “known as strict liability”.

Please forward this information to your players, coaches and team managers.

Links to important anti-doping information on the BWF website:

  1. Anti-doping – questions and answers (linked here)
  2. Dangers / Consequences of Doping (linked here)
  3. Prohibited Substances (linked here)
  4. Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) – process for athletes to get permission if they need to take medications that contain Prohibited Substances (linked here)
  5. Doping Control Process – collecting a urine or blood sample (linked here)
  6. Speak Up and Report Offences – (linked here)

  1. Office Closure

The BWF office will be closed from Thursday 22 December to Monday 2 January 2023 inclusive for the end of year festivities.