The Badminton World Federation (BWF) conducted its 83rd BWF Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday evening 7 May 2022. It was a historic first hybrid AGM with 132 Member Associations attending either in person in Bangkok, Thailand or tuning in virtually.

The Membership voted on several proposals with the BWF aiming to maintain its high governance standards. BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer congratulated the community for their overwhelming commitment to badminton over the past few years.

“The decisions taken at the AGM and discussions during the 10th Members’ Forum show that the badminton community is very much engaged in the best interests of the sport. It shows we have not given up or given in to the challenges posed by COVID-19,” Høyer said.

“Over the past 18 months we have gone a long way to reaching our objective of optimising exposure for the sport and preserving the livelihoods of the playing community and other industry participants coming out of the pandemic.

“I would like to thank everyone in the badminton community for their significant contributions during this period and for their attendance, attention, and participation at our first hybrid AGM last evening.”

BWF also presented its Audited Financial Statements highlighting a budget surplus of US$19.71 against a budgeted deficit of US$8.97 million for 2021. BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund said that despite a challenging year, there were some major successes that impacted on the year-end financial result.

“I am pleased to report that BWF is back to a more stable financial situation compared to where we were 12 months ago. Strong revenue generation through major tournaments against conservative budgeting meant we have been able to recoup our financial position,” Lund said.

“The BWF Council continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation to ensure prudent financial planning moving forward and to explore opportunities to invest in the future development of the game.”

During the AGM, the Membership also successfully voted on a Council proposal to confirm Torsten Berg from Denmark and Dato’ Wira Lim Teong Kiat of Malaysia as new BWF Honorary Life Vice Presidents.

President Høyer acknowledged the pair’s significant contributions over many years.

“Both Torsten and Dato’ Lim have served BWF and the badminton community with great passion and have been instrumental in overseeing the substantial growth of the sport. I thank them for their tremendous service and am delighted we have been able to recognise them with distinction here this weekend in Bangkok.”

The next BWF AGM will take place in Suzhou, China in May 2023 in conjunction with the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023.

BWF also announced the winners of the inaugural Member Association Awards at Friday’s Members’ Forum.

In line with BWF’s mission to lead and inspire all badminton stakeholders, BWF launched four new awards designed to showcase excellence and promote best practice among the 198 Member Associations.

President Høyer said of the Member Association Awards concept: “The two years since early 2020 have been extraordinary and the impact on our Membership profound.

“There have been many inspiring stories of perseverance, of adapting practice to a rapidly changing world, and some innovative examples of how Members continued in new and different way during the pandemic and in a post-pandemic world.

“I’d like to congratulate all our winners and nominees of the Member Association Awards for their outstanding work.”

Benin Badminton Federation’s use of BWF Membership Grant funds focused on strengthening and developing the structures of five of its regional associations to ensure stronger alignment and positioning of badminton nationally.

Saudi Badminton Federation’s strategic approach to developing participation opportunities and pathways led to the substantial investment of US$9.5 million in badminton nationally. Through the Shuttle Time programme, more than 76 sports clubs included badminton in their programmes, resulting in over 1000 players participating at the Saudi National Championships in 2021.

The UAE Badminton Federation’s long-standing collaboration with Special Olympics UAE has provided opportunities for people of determination in the UAE to experience positive sporting social experiences through badminton. This has seen the sport flourish in the region with the partnership expanding even further in 2021.

In 2021, Badminton Australia launched its new brand campaign aimed at uniting and connecting the badminton community while also growing awareness of badminton across the country.