Fédération Senegalaise de Badminton elected BWF Member

Further to our memo of Thursday 10 March 2022 giving notice of the membership application of the Fédération Senegalaise de Badminton (Badminton Senegal), we are pleased to advise that there were no objections from the BWF membership on the application and therefore all constitutional requirements for membership have been met.

Under 12.2 of the BWF constitution, the BWF Council has elected the Fédération Senegalaise de Badminton the 198th Member of the BWF, effective Friday 15 April 2022.

Please note that the Comite National de Promotion du Badminton Au Senegal was already and Associate Member since February 2020. It was established and recognised as the Committee responsible for establishing a national badminton structure. This has been achieved and the application for full membership of the BWF is achieved.

Because Badminton Senegal was already an Associate Member, the total membership count does not change from the current 198 Members, which includes 9 Associate Members.