BWF AGM 2022 – 3 Weeks to Go – Get Ready

There are 3 weeks to go to the BWF AGM 2022. Are you ready? Here are a few reminders about getting ready for the BWF AGM 2022. Please send this to your delegate(s).

  1. Checklist – Have you completed these Yet?


If you have not competed all these steps – then please read below carefully. There are many things to do before you depart for Bangkok.

  1. Basics – Complete / Send Delegate’s Nomination Form

Step 1 – decide who will be your delegate(s).

Step 2 – decide if your delegate(s) will travel to Bangkok OR attend virtually.

Step 3 – complete the nomination form and send to Patricia [email protected]

  1. Travelling to Bangkok – Step by Step Guide

If your delegate is travelling to Thailand for the AGM – please read the Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready (see AGM page linked here). The basic steps in the Guide are:

  1. Book your flight – Delegates arrive Wednesday 4 May / Depart Sunday 8 May.
  2. Complete the AAA Form (download from the AGM page linked here) and send this to [email protected]  – This is the Accommodation / Arrival / Accreditation form. The deadline was Friday 8 April – if you have not done this – it is now URGENT.
  3. Wait for the invoice for your accommodation – from Badminton Thailand.
  4. Pay for the accommodation in full.
  5. Receive a receipt for the first nights accommodation – Test and Go package.
  6. Buy insurance for the duration of stay (at least USD20,000 COVID-19 coverage) –
  7. Prepare all the documents for the Thailand Pass Test and Go application.
  • Your passport (main page) (jpeg format).
  • Vaccinated certificate (jpeg format).
  • QR code of the vaccination doses (jpeg format).
  • Certificate of insurance (jpeg format)
  1. Apply online for the Thailand Pass – Test and Go – deadline Monday 25 April.
  2. Receive confirmation from the Thai authorities – Thailand Pass QR code.

  1. Key Deadlines / Actions
  • Monday 4 April deadline to complete your airline bookingflight to Bangkok
  • Friday 8 April deadline AAA FormAccommodation / Arrival / Accreditation Form
  • Monday 25 April – deadline to apply for the Thailand Pass – Test and Go
  • Wednesday 04 May delegates arrive in Bangkok – airport transport to hotel
  • Thursday 05 May – quarantine in your hotel room / deadline for nomination
  • 1900 Bangkok time – Badminton Pan Am AGM
  • Friday 06 May – Membership engagement / Members Forum
  • Saturday 07 May BWF AGM 2022 – starts at 1800 Bangkok time / 1900 KL time
  • Sunday 08 Maydelegates depart Bangkok – or stay on to watch badminton – the

                                       TotalEnergies BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals (08 -15 May).

  1. Reminders – Travel Grant / Hotel Accommodation / Arrival Test / COVID-19

BWF supports one delegate to the AGM in the following ways:

  • A travel grant – to support the travel to Bangkok – check if your Association is eligible to receive a travel grand (linked here)
  • Accommodation – the BWF will reimburse one delegate from each Member in Good Standing for 4 nights accommodation.


Payment – Members must pay in advance. The travel grant and accommodation will be reimbursed within 2 weeks after the AGM.

Official Hotel – Please re-read the memo we sent on 18 March (linked here) as this gives detail about the official hotel, the costs, and process to book.

COVID-19 Protocols – there will be COVID-19 protocols in place for moving the hotel and for meetings. We are finalizing the protocols based on the advice from the local Health Authorities in Thailand. Protocols will likely include:

  • Mask wearing
  • Social distancing
  • Personal hygiene / hand washing / use of hand sanitizers
  • Temperature checking
  • Registration through an app when entering venues / places / meeting room.


More information on the exact protocols will be circulated next week.

  1. Keep Up to Date – Thai Government Announcements / Your Airline

BWF will keep you up to date with changes in procedure. However – make sure you keep up to date with the following:

  • Your governments requirements – to travel overseas / to return home.
  • Your airline requirements – do you need a pre-departure test to board your flight / to transit on the way to Bangkok / to board in Bangkok to fly back home.
  • Announcements from the Thai Government – about requirements.
  • Check the weekly updates from the Thai Government website (link here).