Application for Membership – Comoros

  1. Application for Membership

BWF has received a membership application from the Fédération Comorienne de Badminton.

As per Clause 12.1 of the BWF constitution, the application and the supporting documents have been reviewed and verified as meeting the requirements for membership under Clause 8 of the BWF constitution.

Clause 12.2 of the BWF constitution states that “In the absence of the receipt of an objection from five (5) or more Members within a period of one (1) month after such notification, Council shall have power to elect the applicant as a Member”.

The one month period ends at midnight KL time on Wednesday 23 March 2022.

  1. Register to Vote – Para Badminton Athletes Commission Elections

So far, 110 Para badminton athletes have registered to vote in the elections of the Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission. The elections are on Friday 11 March 2022 and the deadline to register to vote is 09 March.

Key Information

  1. There are 6 positions to be filled / 11 candidates (see the profiles)
  2. Elections take place on 11 March 2022 (voting online 1700 – 2200 KL time).
  3. Voting is only online.
  4. Athletes must first register to vote online (Click on the link to register to vote) – the deadline to register is 9 March. Who can register to vote in the elections
    • Para badminton players who are 18 years of age or older as at 11 March 2022.
    • In ‘good standing’ with their Member Association / Not serving a period of ineligibility under the BWF Statutes.
    • Be an “active player” (on the Para badminton World Ranking List of 20 Dec. 2021).
    • Have registered to vote by the deadline – 48 hours before the elections.
  5. The registration form is in 8 languages English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese. Click on the dropdown menu top right.
  6. See more information in these languages: English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.


Please pass this onto your Para badminton players.

  1. Membership Awards Applications

Further to our reminder of 11 February (linked here), Member Associations are invited to submit applications to be considered for one of four new BWF Membership Award categories being offered for the first time in 2022:

  1. BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award
  2. Participation Award
  3. Inclusion Award
  4. Promotion Award


The deadline to receive the applications is Friday 11 March 2022. Information and the application form are on the BWF website (linked here).