Grassroots Badminton in Guizhou

BWF partner Laymau hosted its first Laymau Cup in Moutai Town last week in support of grassroots badminton in regional China.

Over 200 participants from national companies in Guizhou attended the two-day tournament. Laymau management said the event was designed to reward the hard work of employees.

It continues Laymau’s connection with badminton since they partnered with the Federation in 2018. The long-term vision is to spread badminton culture and promote badminton as a sport.

BWF Commercial and Communications Director Owen Leed with the runners-up.

BWF Commercial and Communications Director Owen Leed said: “The Moutai Group has been a strong supporter of the BWF and badminton in China since 2018 and we very much value their contribution.

“It is fantastic to be celebrating grassroots badminton here in the Guizhou Province and congratulations to all the players.

“Community badminton holds as much importance for the BWF as with all our other activities. It is where we are able to connect with a wider fanbase and continue to encourage more people to play badminton.

“It’s events like this that continue to make badminton one of the most popular sports in China. I encourage more businesses and communities across China to develop similar tournaments.”

Two-time Olympic champion Zhang Ning and her husband Ang Li also attended the event with the star couple bringing great excitement to the participants.